22 June 2010

Working Mom and the Nanny Doppelganger

Nope, not the title of a comic book... just a slice of my life.

Despite the fact that the weather hasn't been great, I went through that whole Spring - Summer - need to tidy - thing again. Sorted out the closets, cupboards, freezer etc. It was a weird one for me this year, not just because its the first time in 5 years where we haven’t just moved or aren’t about to move, but because I came face to face with a new reality after this year's big purge:

I have a thinner, fitter doppelganger.

Basically, I finally gave up and gave everything that no longer fits me post-baby to Dear A. Now I regularly get to see some of my favorite old outfits on someone who can still pull them off. Annoying.

Maybe I'm just tired, you can probably tell by the frequency of my posts lately, things are busy at home and work, but its tough to see your favorite sweater and cute shoes heading to the park to hang with your favorite little man, while you drag your laptop to the airport for another business trip.

Ok, done complaining. Thanks for listening.

02 June 2010

Hump Day Distraction - Me!!

Guess what? I wrote an article about K's dad and its been published over at Yummy Mummy Club. So, yes, today's post is kind of self serving, but hey, its my blog, technically the whole thing is self serving!

As you've likely seen on my blogroll, I follow the Yummy Mummy Club site. Its a funny, cheeky, all-encompassing look at life as a Yummy Mummy (or aspiring Yummy Mummy.) This month they are featuring articles written by and for modern fathers that reflect the changing tide in men's attitudes and actions, especially when it comes to Daddyhood. With K cared for by his dad on paternity leave during the first 7 months of his life, this topic is near and dear to my heart.

Before I loved having our nanny, I got to love being married to a Stay At Home Dad!

From my YummyMummyClub.ca article "Passing the Dad Test":
When we were dating, and I got that warm fuzzy feeling that my husband might be The One, I started doing what any normal Type A, uber-planner would do: I wondered what he’d be like as a dad.
Ok, I did more than wonder. I made a list of criteria and then tested him against them. (What? I like lists. Leave me alone.)  Anyway, my then boyfriend of 8 months measured up pretty well... (Read More)
 Happy Hump Day!
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